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Lingua Mind Move is a group located in Bozeman, MT. We are parents, teachers, and community members increasing world language exposure for children through film, music, movement, and games. Lingua Mind Move is currently involved in a world language and video production club at Irving Elementary School, in Bozeman, Montana.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last Day of Club!

Today is our last day for the World Language and Video Production Club at Irving!!! Thanks everyone for all of the fun and your help. Remember, we are going to be editing the videos we worked on in the club over the Summer. So, check back on the blog in August to see what we've come up with. We'll also try to email you all when the final videos are completed -- Final videos are slated for late September.

Club Members! To help us improve the club and this project, please fill out our club survey (it's for both you and your parents).

Most recent video(s) taken by the club members themselves. Great job crew & actors. Thank you Xuying!


In-class Mandarin Chinese Video Team:
Director - Michael
Sound Management - Kason
Assistant Director - Russell
Cameraman - Cam
Clapperboarders - Adah & Milo


Also, if you are a 4th grader or younger (that's you Cam!), and would like to participate again next year, look for our flyers. Note: To keep us all sane, we will only be producing videos in 1 language (one for in-class and one for Health Enhancement). This will give us more time to learn about the language, the culture and to get hands-on experience with video production. We are not sure yet whether it will be in the Fall or Spring, but will make sure to email current non-5th graders when we know the dates and times.

In addition, here are a few clandestine "stills" (by Cam & others) - taken while idling for the in-class Mandarin Chinese video takes.

 A little on-set activity: